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Trade & consumer shows are alternative and very effective channels to reach your target market.  We are very sensitive to the serious commitment of time and money to properly support these initiatives. Done properly, they can really drive mind share.

Our priority is making the implementation of tradeshow & consumer events as effective and trouble-free as possible for our client, yet fun and compelling for the target audience. Our event experts are well versed in the details that make for a smooth installation. We’ll take care of ordering the proper amount of electricity, internet access, shipping, drayage, bills of lading, and the other myriad details it takes to ensure your success.  Some of the major features of our trade & consumer event support division are:


  • -Booth design & modification when required
  • -Storage & maintenance of booth materials
  • -Full logistics management for simultaneous multiple events across Canada
  • -On-site management
  • -On-line reporting


















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