Case Study


Requirements:  Service 500 retail locations on behalf of Canon Canada on a dedicated monthly basis.  Perform in-store demos and represent Canon at industry events and consumer shows.

A&A’s Mandate:  Merchandise retail locations by Negotiating with store management on optimal P.O.P & product placement; build relationships with Store Associates and conduct competitor analysis. Represent Canon in non-traditional channels and at consumer shows.  Perform 50 in-store weekend warrior programs every weekend throughout the year.  Wear Canon Canada branded attire, carry A&A/Canon business cards, and have the mandate to solve local retail issues.

Results:  A&A reps serve as an extension of Canon Canada’s field sales team.  By building relationships at store level, A&A is able to optimize Canon’s physical product & P.O.P. placement as well as capturing the mind share of retail associates who play a fundamental role in driving sales of Canon products.  By representing Canon at in-store demos and trade show events, Canon’s mind share extends  directly to consumers and retail professionals.



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Case Study


Requirements:  On behalf of Logitech corporate, work with the Canadian buyers at Staples, Best Buy, Future Shop and London Drugs for P.O.P test set-ups, approvals & negotiations.  Manage & fulfill P.O.P. & display inventory.  Service 600 retail locations on a regular basis.

A&A’s mandate:  Set-up end-caps, in-aisle displays, & freestanding floor displays.

Results:  A&A provides Logitech with a full turnkey retail solution from P.O.P. design, approval, and fulfillment, to timely retail execution & on-line reporting, always delivering within budget.


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Case Study


HP FinalRequirements:  Support HP’s marketing efforts at retail locations and trade shows across Canada.  Manage all logistics with show booths, retail marketing displays, and signage.

A&A’s Mandate:  Co-ordinate all aspects of retail merchandising & trade show management. Set-up end-caps, in-aisle displays, & freestanding floor displays at select retail locations on an ongoing basis. Build relationships with Store Associates.  Manage booth construction & tear down under challenging timelines.  Provide trade show staffing when required.

Results:  A&A provides HP with full turnkey solutions for trade shows and retail merchandising initiatives on an ongoing basis. This frees HP to focus on its core competencies, and leave program implementation details to A&A.