Requirements: Wacom is the world leader in pen tablets, interactive pen displays and digital interface solutions.  They bring people and technology closer together through natural, intuitive interface technologies. A&A’s objective is to evangelize Wacom’s vision and passion so that retail Sales Associates and customers feel the excitement and buzz.

A&A’s Mandate: Calling on retail locations and training Sales Associates, assisting with customer sales, doing in-store demos, and representing Wacom at industry events.

Results:  Wacom’s continues to build its brand in Canada.  Sales, market share and mind share have seen year over year increases and A&A is proud to have contributed to this success.


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ibmRequirements: IBM’s computer server division has a requirement to evaluate the ongoing service levels of its VAR’s (Value Added Resellers) and distributors. IBM needs to be sure that the knowledge and customer care levels meet their high standards. A&A’s objective is to shop this channel of distribution understanding that this is a highly technical and sensitive undertaking.

A&A’s Mandate: Utilizing tech savvy Shoppers, call on selected VAR’s & distributors posing as clients that need assistance with putting quotes together for major government tenders. Evaluate: product knowledge, awareness of various incentive offers, and general courtesy.   Instantly reward select VAR’s and distributors with cash bonuses.

Results:  This program enables IBM to understand the effectiveness of its training program, and sales & customer service ability of its resellers.  Service providers understand that their major supplier takes product knowledge and customer service seriously

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