Requirements: Holiday Inn is evaluating its breakfast offerings for business travelers.

A&A’s Mandate: Utilizing Shoppers that have a professional look and dressed in business attire, call on selected Holiday Inn restaurants locations, order breakfast, and evaluate speed of service, courtesy, quality of food, and the composure and professionalism of staff.

Results:  This program enables Holiday Inn to quantify customer satisfaction, re-evaluate their value proposition, and become more competitive in this highly competitive market segment.






Requirements:  Shop Apple retail vendors to evaluate product knowledge, and compliance on Apple sponsored marketing initiatives.

A&A’s Mandate:  Deploy tech savvy shoppers, who fit Apple’s target market, into select retail locations across Canada, to monitor Sales Associate product knowledge, compliance on end cap, and P.O.P. placement, level of bait and switch if any, and to “on the spot” reward Sales Associates with gifts if they complied with Apple sales protocols.

Result:  Compliance and knowledge levels significantly increase.  Sales Associates recommend Apple first, and switch and bait are eliminated.  Most importantly, sell-through dramatically increases.