Staples-Logo2-300x213Requirements: Staples Canada needs to re-design their hard drive category to increase sales and reduce shrinkage.  Five hard drive vendors – Seagate, Western Digital, Clickfree, Verbatim, and ADATA are approached to collaborate on a new category display that has been designed by OnQ Solutions.  A&A’s objective is to execute the program at all Staples locations across Canada within a two-week window.

A&A’s Mandate:  Meeting with all interested parties to negotiate display positioning, participating in final design meetings, accepting several tractor trailer loads of display materials, picking and packing for each store location depending on store type and language requirements, installing all materials, changing out materials as required, and reporting in real time to all interested parties.

Results:  Implementation is 100% complete within the two-week window.  Same store sales/unit significantly increased, and Staples saves over $1M in shrink.


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Requirements: Merchandising the Children’s Category in Sears stores across Canada.

A&A’s Mandate: On behalf of multiple vendors, visit select locations to perform merchandising activities.  The objective is to support product sell-through.  A&A Field reps work mostly within  the Boys and Girls department;  however, some work is required in the Infants and Toddler  sections.  The visits require merchandising representatives to work with specific Sears store  contacts to merchandise vendor products to plan-o-gram, tidy and sort non-plan-o-gramed “racked” products, have applicable sku’s pulled from the stock room, and repackage damaged products as required.

Results:  Sell-through increases by 18% vis a vis stores not merchandised for control purposes. Sears and the Brands very pleased with results.  Sears USA adopts program, and rolls program out to all its stores.



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